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  • Diretor Naoya Kurisu
  • Duração 50 minutos
  • Gênero Ficção científica, Animação, Ação
  • Idioma Japonês

ねむれ思い子 空のしとねに

Sleep Tight My Baby, Cradled in the Sky
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Satomi and Yasunori are filled with happy expectations for their newborn baby Orine while driving home from a maternity hospital. However, a sudden accident strikes and Orine loses her parents. Nineteen years later, Orine is on the run from the police. While she is trying to escape, Orine is contacted by Yuri Aoshima, a member of a shady organization who offers her shelter in an unmanned experimental space station. However, Orine boards the station to find that it is not as unmanned as she thought: her mother, Satomi, is waiting for her there. As Orine and Satomi make up for their lost time together, the mysteries of Satomi's true identity, Yuri's goals, and a man called "SENSEI" who aims to take over the station continue to deepen.