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  • Realizador Kristina Daurova
  • Duração 13 minutos
  • Género Documentário
  • Idioma Dinamarquês

How To Be a Perfect Human

Covid-19 has made it even harder to be perfect than it already was. Here is a film that shows us how to do it. A remake of Jørgen Leth’s film from 1967, which, with a gracefully choreographed body language, places itself between dance and performance - with social distancing and masks, of course. However, the perfectionism of the black-and-white aesthetics is just as uncompromising in Maia Sørensen and Kristina Daurova’s update, which with understated humour takes a look at what it takes to be a human being (perfect or not) during a pandemic, from private dinner parties to the public space.