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  • Realizador J.K. Arsyn
  • Duração 5 minutos
  • Género Animação, Aventura, Comédia
  • Idioma Francês

BoOzy’ OS et la Gemme de Cristal

BoOzy’ OS e a Gema de Cristal
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A world-famous Festival... A sparkling treasure... A charming and sturdy hero... An enticing chick... And a lot of bad naughty blokes! Mission: find the hoard, beat the bad guys... and seduce the chick! BoOzy’ OS is seeking the Great Cristal of Annecy!

Coming from outer space, an intergalactic cow invites BoOzy’ OS to join the biggest animation film festival of the universe. BoOzy’ imagines himself winning the competition and decides to seek the famous "Cristal" of Annecy, with the help of OSmic the Hedgeh' OS and other cool dudes. But the dark paunchy Mari' OS is determined to recover the loot before him.

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un dessin animé très original!