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  • Original release
  • Previous episode S02E07 - Zuko Alone
  • Number S02E08
  • Director Giancarlo Volpe
  • Writer Joshua Hamilton
Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Chase

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Tired from trying to escape a machine that shows up every time they try to sleep, Aang and the gang have to escape Azula and her team, but their exhaustion leads to a tight situation. Meanwhile, Zuko must deal with something personal. And Iroh bonds with an unlikely individual.

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Superbe épisode ! La série devient vraiment de mieux en mieux avec un évolution des personnages super intéressante (Zuko je t'aime) ! Mexican standoff de folie !


Actors (14)

Zach Tyler
Aang (voice)
Dante Basco
Zuko (voice)
Mae Whitman
Katara (voice)
Jack De Sena
Sokka (voice)
Jessie Flower
Toph Beifong (voice)
Uncle Iroh (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker
Appa (voice)
Fire Lord Ozai (voice)
Grey DeLisle
Azula (voice)
Jennie Kwan
Suki (voice)
Cricket Leigh
Mai (voice)
Olivia Hack
Ty Lee (voice)
André Sogliuzzo
Hakoda (voice)
Uncle Iroh (voice)