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You Can't Rule Me

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Following the assassination of a suspect, Clarice and VICAP are investigated by Krendler’s rival at the Bureau, SA Anthony Herman. When Ardelia is recruited to assist him, it causes friction between the two friends.

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S01E05 - Get Right with God


Evil twin... so original...


Actors (10)

Rebecca Breeds
Clarice Starling
Kal Penn
Emin Grigoryan
Nick Sandow
Murray Clarke
Michael Cudlitz
Paul Krendler
Lucca De Oliveira
Tomas Esquivel
Devyn A. Tyler
Ardelia Mapp
Kristen Holden-Ried
Karl Wellig
Natalie Brown
Luanne Felker
David Hewlett
Anthony Herman
Marnee Carpenter
Catherine Martin