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How Does It Feel to Be So Beautiful

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Sidelined because of her harrowing ordeal with Marilyn Felker, Clarice goes to Ruth Martin to be reinstated and gets roped into having dinner at the Martin residence. Clarice sees Catherine Martin for the first time since rescuing her from Buffalo Bill and must endure an uncomfortable evening with this fractured family. Also, Ardelia and the ViCAP team try to identify the man who aided Marilyn, but they hit a wall when they realize their DNA sample matches a file that's been erased from the Bureau's database.

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S01E07 - Ugly Truth

Actors (14)

Rebecca Breeds
Clarice Starling
Kal Penn
Emin Grigoryan
Nick Sandow
Murray Clarke
Michael Cudlitz
Paul Krendler
Lucca De Oliveira
Tomas Esquivel
Devyn A. Tyler
Ardelia Mapp
Edie Inksetter
Mandy Krendler
Sonia Dhillon Tully
Andrea Bauer
Nicole Joy-Fraser
Benita Sage
Grace Lynn Kung
Dr. Renée Li
Jayne Atkinson
Ruth Martin
Nicolette Pearse
Jane Tally
Raoul Bhaneja
Joe Hudlin
Marnee Carpenter
Catherine Martin