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The Right Snuff / Sibling Rivalry

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A misunderstanding in space ensures two astronauts go down in history for all the worst reasons; Lola is convinced her brother is trying to kill her but she's worried about the wrong monster.

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S02E04 - Pipe Screams / Within the Walls of Madness

Episodes (5)

Season 2

Actors (9)

Ryan Kwanten
Alex (segment "The Right Snuff")
Breckin Meyer
Ted (segment "The Right Snuff")
Gabrielle Byndloss
Sandra (segment "The Right Snuff")
Kara Kimmer
Ann Poole (segment "The Right Snuff")
Molly Ringwald
Mrs. Porter (segment "Sibling Rivalry")
Maddie Nichols
Lola (segment "Sibling Rivalry")
Andrew Brodeur
Andrew (segment "Sibling Rivalry")
Ja'ness Tate
Grace (segment "Sibling Rivalry")
Jerri Tubbs
Mom (segment "Sibling Rivalry")