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The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss

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Monica, Chandler and Phoebe discover that they can eavesdrop on Ross & Charlie and Joey & Rachel through the walls of the hotel. Both new couples decide to wait before proceeding with their relationships, until the men can talk to each other. Ross tells Joey on the plane ride back to New York, but Joey can't quite yet. Later, Ross walks in on Joey and Rachel kissing. Meanwhile, Monica combats her poofy hair by getting corn rows put in, and Phoebe discovers that Mike has a girlfriend.

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S10E02 - The One Where Ross Is Fine

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Joey et Rachel c'est top oui ! Ross et Rachel c'est mou et ennuyant


Joey et Rachel, c'est nul comme idée de couple !


Monica m'éclate trop avec ses dreads haha


Ça ne marche pas


Ross a l'art de toujours arriver au bon moment !