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Wrong Roads

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Raylan partners with a maverick DEA agent whose bad behavior feels uncomfortably familiar, while Boyd makes a hard choice to protect Ava.

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S05E10 - Weight


Justified Saison 5 = The Dewey Crowe Show -"Reason not the need" marshal. -Here we go. -I'm sorry? -King Lear? Shakespeare? Basically, Lear split his kingdom in half and gave it to his two daughters, deal being Lear get to hang out and keep 100 knights. They agree, and then later, these two bitch-ass daughters, they change the deal. They like, "Well, daddy, what you need with 100 knights? 50? 10? 5? What you need with one?" Lear says, "Reason not the need." -Hot damn! Reason not the need! -I don't understand what these two are talking about, but I got to admit I'm interested.