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The Journey of the Dangerous Mind

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As The Drew Crew investigates the Frozen Heart murders, sparks fly between Nancy and her counterpart in law enforcement on Nancy's first day as the Community Liaison - and Temperance makes a startling offer at the police station. Meanwhile, Carson and Ryan have conflicting opinions on how Nancy should be parented, a mishap tests Nick's and George's relationship, and Bess tries to protect Ace from a string of bad luck that may not be coincidental.

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S03E03 - The Testimony of the Executed Man


Nancy s’est découvert une mémoire eidétique ^^^


Actors (9)

Kennedy McMann
Nancy Drew
Scott Wolf
Carson Drew
Tunji Kasim
Ned 'Nick' Nickerson
Alex Saxon
Georgia 'George' Fan
Bess Marvin
Riley Smith
Ryan Hudson
Maddison Jaizani
Bess Marvin
Leah Lewis
Georgia 'George' Fan