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Pups and Katie Stop the Barking Kitty Crew

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Mayor Humdinger disrupts Adventure Bay with his barking kitties and it's up to Ryder, Katie, and the PAW Patrol to stop their barking mishaps.

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S08E16 - Pups Save the Glasses

Episodes (29)

Season 8

Actors (17)

Justin Paul Kelly
Chase (voice)
Devan Cohen
Rubble (voice)
Skye (voice)
Kallan Holley
Skye (voice)
Ron Pardo
Cap'n Turbot / Mayor Humdinger / Farmer Al (voice)
Kingsley Marshall
Marshall (voice)
Stephanie Mills
Lindsey (voice)
Erika Fong
Sela (voice)
Miley (voice)
Ciara Hanna
Melissa (voice)
Miley (voice)
Patricia Ja Lee
Miley (voice)
Keegan Hedley
Rubble (voice)
Lilly Bartlam
Skye (voice)
Shayle Simons
Zuma (voice)
Beckett Hipkiss
Ryder (voice)
Jackson Reid
Rocky (voice)