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The Alienist

Memento Mori

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Sara and Moore return to the killer's abandoned house in search of new information about their suspect. Kreizler faces ruin after a tragic incident at the Institute. Sara and the team are enlisted to rescue another missing child.

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S02E07 - Last Exit to Brooklyn

Actors (28)

Dakota Fanning
Sara Howard
Daniel Brühl
Laszlo Kreizler
Luke Evans
John Moore
Matthew Shear
Lucius Isaacson
Douglas Smith
Marcus Isaacson
Robert Wisdom
Cyrus Montrose
Ted Levine
Thomas Byrnes
Rosy McEwen
Libby Hatch
Melanie Field
Bitsy Sussman
Michael McElhatton
Dr. Markoe
James Faulkner
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Henry McGrath
David Stoller
Holli Dempsey
Sianad Gregory
Nanny #2
Kemi Durosinmi
Nanny #3
Justin McCarron
Vanderbilt Butler
Matt Letscher
William Randolph Hearst
Dominic Herman-Day
Stevie Taggart
Martin McCreadie
Brittany Marie Batchelder
Joanna Crawford
Emily Barber
Violet Hayward
Georgia Lowe
Frederick Schmidt
Goo Goo Knox
Peter Coonan
Ding Dong
Lara Pulver
Karen Stratton
Lucas Bond
Gavin O'Connor