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Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Facing Cannibal Candy IV

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Raishin and Yaya learn about Charlotte's past from Sigmund. Charlotte's family was distinguished for making automatons, but the family was stripped of everything when a boy of high social status was injured by one of her automatons. Thus Charlotte is attending school on a scholarship in order to reunite her family. Lisette is revealed to be Felix's automaton Eliza and is capable of transforming into mist. Yaya is able to defeat Eliza when her blood was spilled by Eliza's attack to decrease the effectiveness of Eliza's mist magic as only one type of magic could be utilized at a time. Following the battle, Raishin is allowed to participate in the festival despite his poor grades, and Charlotte gives Raishin a pendant with defensive capabilities as a gift for clearing her name.

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