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  • Director Claire Burger
  • Runtime 1 hour 38 minutes
  • Genre Drama
  • Language French

C'est ça l'amour

Real Love
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Forbach, East of France, today. Mario, a man without much ambition, except where love is concerned, is back to square one after his wife left home. He now must raise his two adolescent daughters by himself, while going through some sort of a teenage crisis of his own. 14-year-old Frida blames her father for their mother's leaving and she develops ambivalent feelings towards her new girlfriend. 17-year-old Niki will soon leave home. Until then, she lives the good life. Mario can't help but lose the women he loves. Yet they must all agree to let one another go.

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Beau film sur l'amour et ses différentes formes d'expression, comme il naît, comment il peut se terminer, comment il se consomme, comment il peut-être feint, comment il se consolide... A voir! Ce film est né sous une bonne étoile.