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Follow two Los Angeles police officers as they patrol the streets of Southern California. Adam-12 was the first series to realistically portray the joys/frustrations of being a police officer in the late 1960's-early 1970's. This attention to detail made the show a catalyst for uncounted numbers of people to enter public service as adults. "1-Adam-12" was the radio call number of the unit that Malloy & Reed worked: "1" was the division assigned, "Adam" was LA Phonetic for "A" designating a 2-person patrol unit, and "12" was the beat area assigned. (Although, Malloy & Reed could be seen patrolling the streets anywhere in L.A. from Downtown to the Valley, they retained the number division #1, no matter where they were). The police station used throughout the series was the newly-built (at the time) Rampart Station.



Actors (74)

Martin Milner
Officer Pete Malloy
Kent McCord
Officer Jim Reed
William Boyett
Sergeant MacDonald
Fred Stromsoe
Officer Jerry Woods
Art Gilmore
Lt. Moore / Lt. Val Wangsgard
Natalie Masters
Apartment Manager / Georgina Ryan / Katie Anderson / Mrs. Warner / Woman
George Brenlin
Duke Dukowski
Don Barry
Charlie Bishop / Edwin M. Kale / Mr. Hobbs / Wino
Herb Vigran
Gus Archer / Salesman / Sam Conrad
Don Stewart
Officer One
Randolph Mantooth
John Gage / Neil Williams
Scott McCartor
Chuck / Ed Ligh, Jr. (as Scott G. McCartor)
Lee Montgomery
Greg Whitney
Eric Shea
Donny / Gary Rogers
Willie Aames
Billy Ray Roberts / Little Boy
Tony Colti
First Driver / Robber's Partner (as Anthony Colti)
Kenneth Tobey
Don Bates / Sgt. Bert Strong
Peter Brocco
Andre Pochek / John Thomas
Marshall Reed
Capt. Edwards / John Russell
Ray Ballard
Fenster / Ralph Johnson
Robert Patten
Det. Sgt. Stone / Sgt. Stone
Gary Crosby
Officer Ed Wells
John Nolan
Harold Mason
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Ruth Elkins
Melody Patterson
Howard Culver
George Morrison
Cloris Leachman
Kevin Tighe
Roy DeSoto
Judith Brown
Fletcher Allen
Jerry Ayres
Ena Hartman
Mrs. Fred Warner
Julian Burton
Mac Jeffries
Gene Boland
Fred Warner
Ed Deemer
Officer Bill James
Rick Warick
Desk Officer
Vincent Van Patten
Virgil Stephens
Al Bain
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Jon Shank
Binky Tremaine
Anthony Larry Paul
Det. Bob Calkins
Tim Rooney
Jim Russell
Dick Haymes
Dr. Elroy Gantman
Virginia Vincent
Marion Fenton
Virginia Gregg
Miss Brown
Don Ross
Steve Hart
Barney Phillips
Sgt. Burdick
Mitch Vogel
Jimmy White
Joe Turkel
Vince Warren
John Lasell
Tom Stark
Russ Conway
Eve McVeagh
Marge Jenkins
William Campbell
Charlie Shanks
John Nolan
Harold Mason
Robert Rothwell
Timothy Brown
Carl Owens
Art Balinger
Capt. Grant
Elizabeth Kerr
Mrs. Baker
Carmen Zapata
Maria Lopez
Steve Conte
Frank Aletter
Harry Morrison
Jimmy Lydon
Harvey Shore
Todd Martin
Gus Osgood
Alberto Morin
John Mendoza
Donna Douglas
Nina Draper
Jordan Rhodes
William Berry
Nick Benedict
Thomas Moore
Pamela Curran
Mrs. Vandemar
Rod Cameron
Henry Komac
Jack De Mave
Walt Jeffries
Dick Van Patten
Harry Curtis
Harry Harvey
Reverend Harvey
Christopher S. Nelson
Angie Wilkins
John Daheim
Green Buick Driver (uncredited)
Dale Van Sickel
Green Buick Passenger (uncredited)


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