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  • Country China
  • Genre Drama
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Total runtime 54 hours
  • Status Ended
  • Network Hunan TV

Meteor Shower

103 members 2 seasons72 episodes

Chu Yu Xun is a hardworking, smart high school girl. Her biggest dream is to enter the prestigious Alistun University. With help from her uncle, she finally gets accepted. Murong Yun Hai, Duanmu Lei, Shangguan Rui Qian, and Ye Shuo are the four richest students of Alistun. With their gorgeous looks, they are the idols of all the girls there. However, they are unsatisfied with the lives that their parents forced upon them. In order to get the principle to expel them from Alistun, they perform a series of pranks. While fighting for the justice of the victims of the pranks, Yu Xun becomes the target of the four guys. Through fighting and arguing, they begin to admire each other and eventually become friends. At the same time, the four guys grow into loving, responsible young men. Through the multiple struggles and hardships, Yu Xun, Yun Hai, Duanmu, Ye Shuo, and Shuangguan mature. They learn to control their own lives, choose their own futures, and strive for their own dreams.




j'ai vu presque toute les version sauf cell ci j'ai vraiment hate de voir les episode et leur sous titre en vostfr


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