• Director Jérôme Lévy
  • Duración 1 hora 30 minutos
  • Géneros Comedia, Drama
  • Idioma Francés

Bon plan

4 miembros

In this comedy, five French students in their early twenties decide it's time they saw a bit more of the world, so Clementine, Caroline, Lionel, Bruno, and Brigitte buy cut-price rail passes and set out to visit 15 of the great cities of Europe. But it doesn't take long for their great plans to unravel, as the group's desire to see the important sights gets sidetracked by their fondness for partying and the opposite sex, and as they roll through Amsterdam, Berlin, Athens, and Bologna, they stumble into a wide variety of misadventures and meet all manner of unlikely people, from a former teacher who has come rather dramatically out of the closet to a washed-up dance-pop star.