• País Bélgica
  • Géneros Drama, Romance, Telenovela
  • Duración del episodio 25 minutos
  • Duración total 170 horas 25 minutos
  • Estado En curso
  • Canal VTM


155 miembros 5 temporadas409 episodios

Half-sisters Lisa (Tinne Oltmans) and Katja (Anouck Luyten) start working in a marketing agency, where they look with wide eyes at the vibrant advertising world full of creatives, vloggers, influencers and social media wizzards. But one colleague is particularly striking: Jonas (Oscar Willems). Will Lisa step by step overcome her shyness and amaze the world - including Jonas - with her talent? The new telenovelle "Lisa" is about a shy girl's quest for love and happiness.



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