Lading in uitvoering
  • Land Thailand
  • Geslacht Actie, Misdaad, Thriller
  • Duur van een aflevering 49 minuten
  • Totale duur 11 uur 26 minuten
  • Status Voltooid
  • Kanaal GMM25
  • Showrunner Anucha Boonyawatana

Not Me

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Black and White are twins with a powerful connection. After their parents' separation, though, White’s father took him out of the country, their family effectively severed in two. It isn’t until fifteen years have passed that White—now grown—returns to Thailand.

One day, seemingly from nowhere, White feels an agony like death. He recovers in the hospital, but they’re unable to determine the cause. Then he picks up a call from a childhood friend, Tod. Tod tells him that Black is in a coma following a vicious attack and he learns that Black is in a motorcycle gang. Unable to endure the harm done to his brother in silence, White disguises himself as Black to root out the traitor.

But White doesn’t know his brother as well as he thought; he’s not behaving like the Black Sean knows, distrustful and uncaring about the feelings of others. Sean's suspicious. The difference gets under Sean's skin and makes him feel things he shouldn’t.

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Opmerkingen (8)

One of the best shows I have ever seen! This show gave me the same feeling as in KinnPorsche of being worried what else is going to happen, who’s gonna survive? It’s really entertaining and it has good story. I recommend this show with my heart.




Très intéressant je kiffe l'histoire


Very niceeeee


j'ai adoré! les personnages sont attachant et le déroulement de l'histoire est très bien trouver! Selon mon avis personnelle vous trouverez très peu de BL tourner de cette manière, je vous la recommande fortement!!!


Bonsoir. Qq peut il m'expliquer comment lance t'on la lecture d'un épisode ??? Je ne comprend pas comment fonctionne l'application


quel drama ! j’ai adoré le plot plein d’action et les différents messages que le drama a pu porter tout au long des épisodes… À vrai dire, l’histoire est même venue éclipser la romance à mes yeux qui, malgré l’alchimie indéniable d’offgun, ne m’a pas emportée plus que ça... Autre point que j’ai apprécié et que je voulais absolument relever: l’ost !





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29 November 2021


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