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  • Land Verenigde Staten
  • Geslacht Animatie, Kind, Komedie, Drama, Fantastisch
  • Duur van een aflevering 25 minuten
  • Totale duur 21 uur 40 minuten
  • Status Voltooid
  • Kanaal Cartoon Network
  • Showrunner Tony Cervone

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

1K leden 2 seizoenen52 afleveringen

Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers and Scooby-Doo -- who make up the team of teenage mystery solving sleuths known as Mystery, Inc. -- live in a small town named Crystal Cove. The older generation and parents use the town's long history of ghost and monster sightings to bring in tourist and discourage Mystery, Inc. from solving the mysteries that bring in money. While proving the monsters to be fake, a mysterious new character known as Mr. E. warns them to stop solving mysteries before they reveal a deep dark secret of Crystal Cove.

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Acteurs (74)

Frank Welker
Jabberjaw / Speed Buggy (voice) / Mr. Blake (voice) / Scooby-Doo / Fred Jones (voice)
Grey DeLisle
Daphne Blake (voice) / Girl (voice)
Matthew Lillard
Shaggy Rogers (voice)
Mindy Cohn
Velma Dinkley (voice)
Patrick Warburton
Sheriff Bronson Stone (voice)
Lewis Black
Mr. E (voice) / Mr. E / Ricky Owens (voice)
Kate Higgins
Mayor Janet Nettles (voice)
Udo Kier
Professor Pericles (voice)
Gary Cole
Fred Jones Sr. (voice) / Mayor Fred Jones Sr. (voice) / Mayor Fred Jones Sr. / Black Knight (voice) / Mayor Fred Jones Sr. / Foreman (voice) / Mayor Fred Jones Sr. / Motorcycle Cop (voice) / Mayor Fred Jones Sr. / Paramedic #2 (voice)
Tia Carrere
Amy (voice) / Judy Reeves (voice)
Vivica A. Fox
Angel Dynamite (voice) / Cassidy Williams (voice) / Cassidy Williams / Angel Dynamite (voice)
Tim Matheson
Brad Chiles (voice)
Linda Cardellini
Hot Dog Water (voice) / Marcie Fleach (voice) / Marcy 'Hot Dog Water' Fleach (voice)
Maurice LaMarche
Vincent Van Ghoul (voice)
Casey Kasem
Colton Rogers (voice)
Frances Conroy
Angie Dinkley (voice) / Mrs. Dinkley (voice)
Mitch Watson
Ethan (voice) / Farmer (voice)
Amy Acker
Nova (voice)
James Arnold Taylor
Additional Voices (voice) / George Avocados (voice)
Jeff Bennett
Dougal McGuiness (voice) / Gary (voice) / Gary (voice) / Dougal McGuiness (voice) / Professor Emmanuel Raffalo / Male Tourist (voice)
John O'Hurley
Skipper Shelton (voice)
Kimberly Brooks
Luna (voice) / Luna / Woman (voice) / Young Cassidy (voice)
Christian Lanz
Fernando El Aguirre (voice) / Professor Enrique Andelusossa (voice)
Clancy Brown
Evil Entity (voice) / Hebediah Grim (voice)
David Kaye
Dad (voice)
James Patrick Stuart
Dr. Rick Spartan / Dr. Rick Spartan (voice) / Traveler O'Flaherty (voice)
Jennifer Hale
Daisy Blake (voice) / Thorn (voice)
Kath Soucie
Nan Blake (voice)
Matt Lanter
Baylor Hotner (voice)
Troy Baker
Blue Falcon (voice) / Curator Vronsky (voice) / Dreamweaver (voice)
Billy West
Gunther Gator (voice) / Randy Warsaw (voice)
Carlos Alazraqui
Krampus (voice) / Piranha-Goat / Deputy Buckner / Nitro Wizinski (voice)
Chris Hardwick
Evallo Von Meanskrieg (voice) / Maxwell (voice)
Cree Summer
Lady Marmalade (voice) / Paige Kruller (voice)
Harlan Ellison
Self (voice)
Hynden Walch
Alice May (voice)
James Hong
Chen (voice) / Chen / Red Wizard (voice)
John DiMaggio
Grady Gator (voice) / Grady Gator / Delivery Guy (voice)
Mark Hamill
Crybaby Clown (voice)
Michael J. Anderson
Professor Horatio Kharon (voice)
Mindy Sterling
Dean Fenk (voice) / Frau Abigail Gluck (voice)
Scott Menville
Ricky Owens (voice) / Young Ricky (voice)
Tony Cervone
Gary (voice) / Gary / Referee #2 (voice)
Ben McKenzie
Odnarb (voice)
Beth Tapper
Brenda (voice)
Charles Shaughnessy
Ned Fussbuster (voice)
Christopher Corey Smith
Race Bannon (voice)
Clyde Kusatsu
Picnicker (voice)
David Faustino
Bud (voice)
Eric Bauza
Dr. Zin (voice)
Florence Henderson
Ruby Stone (voice)
Fred Tatasciore
Gluten Demon (voice)
Gary Anthony Williams
Dr. Cavanaugh (voice)
George Takei
Mr. Wang / White Wizard (voice)
Greg Ellis
Cachinga (voice)
Isabella Acres
Mary Anne Gleardan (voice)
James Marsters
Dandy Highwayman (voice)
Jane Wiedlin
Dusk (voice)
Jason Marsden
Horbert Feist (voice)
Jim Cummings
Captain Caveman (voice)
Jim Rash
J.R. Kipple (voice)
John Billingsley
Dr. Henklefust (voice)
Julie Bowen
Marion Spartan (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson
Dan Fluunk (voice)
Laraine Newman
Granny Snaggletooth (voice)
Martha Quinn
Self (voice)
Phil LaMarr
Melvin Keisterbaum (voice)
Powers Boothe
Dead Justice (voice)
Quinton Flynn
Rude Boy (voice)
Rick D. Wasserman
Lord Infernicus / Boo (voice)
Roz Ryan
Gorgeous G (voice)
Stephanie Sheh
Mai Le (voice)
Tom Kenny
Funky Phantom (voice)
Tricia Helfer
Aphrodite / Amanda Smyth (voice)


9 January 2012

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