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Episode 3.06

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Guy loves life and life loves Guy. He hasn't got a worry in the world, can always see an upside to everything and luck is usually on his side. However, Guy's luck is about to change — in a big way. In return for some maths coaching, Guy invites Bridget out to pizza and a movie on the weekend. When Bridget sees what he's intending to wear, she's appalled and offers to take him shopping. After choosing a shirt together, Bridget heads off to another store, leaving Guy behind to pay the bill. Guy asks another customer if she knows where the cashier is. To his surprise — she's rude and dismissive and doesn't help him at all.

Stunned by the girl's attitude, Guy pays for his shirt and leaves. Just as he's out the door, he remembers his bag and runs back in to get it. Leaving the store a second time is not nearly as easy. The shop owner stops him and demands to search his bag. Baffled, he opens it only to be shocked by its contents — it's filled with the shop's jewellery! Guy's suddenly in serious trouble for shoplifting.

News gets back to Solar Blue that Guy has been arrested. They can't believe that Guy would steal anything from anyone — let alone jewellery from a surf shop. To cheer him up, Bridget prints out a photo of their celebrations at the café from the day before. As Guy looks closely at the picture, he recognises the rude girl from the store in the background and is convinced he was set up.

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S03E07 - Episode 3.07

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