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  • Runtime 2 godzin 17 minut
  • Język Angielski

Path of Souls

Of First Nations background originally from central Manitoba, Jon Beardsley, a Ph.D. candidate, dies one week before he was scheduled to embark on his final field trip to complete his dissertation taking spiritual indigenous American teachings, most specifically related to place, and applying them to standard theories of physics relating to questions of the universe. He is survived by his Caucasian wife, Grace Beardsley, a post-doctorate in medicine. At Jon's traditional native memorial service held at Bannock Point on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Grace is reacquainted with Jon's best childhood friend, Brandon Eckhardt. With Jon having foreseen his own imminent death, Grace learns that Jon has left her a series of pre-recorded video messages which are triggered by GPS coordinates linked to Grace's cell phone.