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Murder in Mind

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What does it take to drive apparently ordinary human beings to murder? In a BBC season of groundbreaking original movies, Murder in Mind takes viewers on a journey into the psyches of a disparate collection of killers. Exploring the psychology behind the darkest and yet most compelling crime of murder, each of the seven movies explores the ultimate crime through the eyes of the murderer and asks, not whodunit? but whydunit? Cold, calculating and in search of the perfect crime, each killer selects a different method of murder. From euthanasia, contract killing, vigilantes, accidental murder, to the bewildering act of sleepwalking, there is no set formula to the chilling thrillers, only one common theme: death in "suspicious" circumstances. "Murder should be about murderers," insists series creator Anthony Horowitz. "So our first rule was that the killer should take up most screen time. The murderer is the star, not just the plot mechanism." Some murderers appear to escape with



Aktorzy (64)

Jacqueline Clarke
Mrs. Powell
Jamie Foreman
Stuart Jackson
Art Malik
Paul Asher
Susan Gilmore
Helen Chadwick
Nigel Havers
Nicholas Chadwick QC
Maggie O'Neill
Samantha Johnstone
Neil Dudgeon
Edward Buttimore
Steven Pacey
Alex Cunningham
Geraldine Somerville
Angela Coates
Rob Brydon
Barry Coates
Lucy Davis
Angela Ridgeon
Michelle Croft
Mark Womack
Stephen Croft
Pauline Quirke
Jane Saunders
Ginny Holder
Patsy Kensit
Angela Stephenson
David Hemmings
Judge James Hendon
Colin Salmon
Alex Treeve
Helen Baxendale
Helen Robbins
Adrian Dunbar
Tom Robbins
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Alan Willis
Adam Faith
Terry Cameron
Jamie Theakston
Simon Talbot
Natasha Little
Hat Vezey
Phil Davis
Chaz Hadley
Gaynor Faye
Alyson Holt
Gary Kemp
Jamie Holt
James Wilby
Daniel Morton / Sir Richard Morton
Dennis Waterman
Ken Grendle
Nicholas Hoult
Andrew Wilsher
Neil Pearson
Stuart Wilsher
Ed Stoppard
James Hillier
Scot Williams
Chiwetel Ejiofor
DS McCorkindale
Gillian Kearney
Catrin Palmer
David Suchet
Edward Palmer
Diana Rigg
Jill Craig
Jonathan Timmins
Andrew Brody
Reece Dinsdale
Michael Davies
Tim Healy
DCI Duggan
Tara Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Morton
Raji James
Nick Reding
Scott Martin
Neil Morrissey
Stephen Kite
Kevin Whately
Nigel Liddy
James McAvoy
Martin Vosper
Jake Wood
Karl Kruger
Steve McFadden
Joe Waterman
Keith Allen
James Napeworth
Keeley Hawes
Scott Chisholm
Craig Squires
Denise Van Outen
Debra Squires
John Thomson
Alan Squires
Caroline Goodall
Joanna Liddy
Archie Panjabi
WPC Jill Evans
Tom Goodman-Hill
Ian Kelsey
Liam Taylor
Michael Medwin
Dr. Patrick Whitfield
John Gordon Sinclair
D.S. Paul Bannister
Judy Parfitt
Margaret Collins
Timothy West
Dr. William Collins
Ryan Philpott
Angus Thompson
Sharon Maiden
Sandra Waterman
Annette Crosbie
Rose Buttimore

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