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  • Gatunki Dramat, Romans
  • Runtime 40 minuty
  • Całkowity czas pracy 16 godzin
  • Status Zakończono
  • Sieć Youku

Wait, My Youth

My Youth
155 członkowie 1 sezon24 epizody

A story about the naivety of young love, the pureness, and beauty of friendship and the warmth of family surrounding a group of friends.
Su Can Can loves learning about literary works. In her adolescence, she meets her best friends. Xu Mei Li is lively and cheerful, Lan Tian Ye is handsome and uninhibited, Lin Jia Ze is gentle and refined, Tao Ya Ting is beautiful and melancholic.
In their journey, they have many little secrets and many worries. Whether in high school or in college, Su Can Can has collected many unforgettable memories. When she turned 28, she looks around and realizes that the people with her when she was 18 are still the same people around her now.




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