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  • Kraj Brazylia
  • Gatunek Rzeczywistość
  • Runtime 90 minuty
  • Całkowity czas pracy 267 godzin
  • Status Kontynuując
  • Sieć Rede Bandeirantes
  • Showrunner Mark Burnett

The Apprentice (BR)

O Aprendiz
3 członkowie 11 sezony178 epizody

This is the Brazilian Version of the TV show The Apprentice where the contestants compete in this reality show. There are a total of 8 seasons. Between 1 and 5 season, the show was hosted by Roberto Justus, Group Newcomm CEO, while season 6 and 7 was hosted by Joao Doria Jr., president of the group Doria Associados. After an year hiatus, Justus is back in charge.

Different from the original series, after three normal seasons, the Brazilian Version presented some additional features:
- Seasons 4 and 5 was presented as "The Partner", where the winner was not hired, but initiate a business with Justus;
- Seasons 6 and 7 was presented as "Academic", where the winner was hired as a trainee;
- Season 8 was presented as "The Enterprising", where the winner won R$ 1,5K to apply in a business;
- Season 9 was presented as "The Comeback", as a All Star season.
- Season 10 was announced as a "Celebrity Apprentice".





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