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  • Runtime 25 minuty
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  • Sieć CBS

Richard Diamond, Private Detective

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Richard Diamond, Private Detective is an American detective drama, created by Blake Edwards (Peter Gunn, The Pink Panther). Richard Diamond is an Ex-New York City policeman who quit the force to become a private detective. A suave private eye who, at first, walks the mean streets of New York, Richard Diamond (David Jannsen) later packs up and moves to Los Angeles. Solving a myriad of cases from, kidnapping to murder in his convertible with a car phone. While his mysterious, sexy, receptionist Sam (first by Mary Tyler Moore then by Roxane Brooks), whose face we never see, minds the office. This half hour action/crime drama originally ran on CBS from 1957-1959 and NBC for its fourth season in 1959-1960. The show was also broadcast under the title of, "Call Mr. D." during its rerun syndication.



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