Ładowanie w toku
  • Kraj Japonia
  • Gatunki Komedia, Dramat
  • Runtime 45 minuty
  • Całkowity czas pracy 8 godzin 15 minut
  • Status Zakończono
  • Sieć YTV (JP)

The Way of the Househusband

74 członkowie 1 sezon11 epizody

An infamous yakuza sets out to master the Way of the Househusband!
“The Immortal Dragon”—an infamous and feared yakuza who has left behind countless legends in the underworld—has decided to wash his hands of his dark past and become...a “househusband”!
Under the watchful eye of the neighborhood, the yakuza, and the police, witness this gangster-turned-husband’s style of “justice and family love.” A thrilling slapstick drama where the ultimate househusband faces struggles from every side!
Can Tatsu protect his beloved family and neighborhood when they are caught up in an incident?




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