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Lone Wolves

Massive force is usually resisted with an equally massive force, but sometimes a lone operator or mastermind is needed. Carlos Hathcock is a legendary sniper who takes on the toughest covert missions during the Vietnam War, silently stalking the most fearsome enemy combatants and taking them out before they can harm others. Among his targets are the Apache, a beautiful and sadistic woman who loves torturing American soldiers. He also goes up against the Cobra, the Vietcong’s most dangerous sniper and a legend in his own right. And when he’s sent deep behind enemy lines to kill a notorious general, he goes without food or rest for four days to avoid discovery. His valiant rescue of nine soldiers from an exploded tank, resulting in life threatening burns to himself, elevates his heroism to a whole other level.

Cargo ships docking in third world ports are floating piles of cash at great risk of seizure by corrupt officials. Max Hardberger is the world’s only high seas anti-pirate, recovering stolen vessels from some of the world’s most treacherous locations, and rescuing their endangered crews in the process. To do so he goes deep undercover, using disguises, conducting extensive surveillance, using bribery, hiring prostitutes to lure enemies away- whatever ingenious moves it takes to get the thieves off the ship so he can reclaim it for his rightful owners. But the one thing he will never use is violence. In over twenty years of reclaiming illegally seized ships, Max has never fired a shot.

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S01E06 - Taking Flight

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