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  • Diretor Mitsuhiro Mihara
  • Duração 1 hora 11 minutos
  • Idioma Japonês

広告会社、男子寮のおかずくん 劇場版

Koukoku Gaisha Danshi Ryou no Okazu-kun Gekijoban
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Kazu, Keisuke, Ippei and Tadashi work for the same advertising company and live in the same company dormitory. The men relieve their stress by eating dinner together on Fridays. Kazu's nickname is “Side Dish.” Kazu takes on a new project which is to make brochures for restaurants in Enoshima Gourmet Town. He has a hard time, because a lot of the restaurants there have never advertised before. At that time, Keisuke tells Kazu about Tomokazu, who is the owner and chef at an Italian restaurant in Enoshima Gourmet Town. Kazu visits Tomokazu’s Italian restaurant and asks for permission to place his restaurant in the brochure, but Tomokazu kicks Kazu out.