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They Might Be Giants: Kids Go!

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Indie rock artists They Might Be Giants (Bed Bed Bed), fresh off a 2009 Grammy win for their children's recording Here Come the 123s, hop back into the kids' arena with an original song–cum–picture book designed to inspire kids to get moving. Called to action by the words Hey, kid! a tired-looking boy and girl are encouraged to stand up, get up off the couch, [j]ump up off the floor and go/ Get up off your chair and go! go! go! Soon they're moving like a monkey, jumping like a jack-in-the-box, and getting a high-energy groove on (there's even a dance break). With just a hint of retro style about them, Campion's thick and loose black ink lines provide a sense of fluidity in riotous scenes that use a limited but appealing palette of green, gray, and peach, splashed over lots of white space. Befitting the action words in the text, the font size bounces from small to large, adding to the energetic tone (as do a healthy number of monkeys).