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Critically acclaimed Ken Stott (The Vice, The Singing Detective) stars as Detective Chief Inspector Red Metcalfe, a brilliant detective who once turned in his own brother for murder. Ten years later, Red has earned a reputation for his impressive ability to get into the minds of killers, but two disturbing murders on the same day spark the most baffling and damaging case of his career. Both killings bear the murderer's trademark–as do the grisly deaths that follow–the victim's tongue is cut out and a silver spoon is inserted in their mouth.

As the killings mount up, Red is taunted by the fact that he can find no motive, no pattern–nothing to connect the victims apart from the killer's grisly trademark.



Atores (54)

Ken Stott
DCI Red Metcalfe
Neil Dudgeon
DI Duncan Warren
Michelle Forbes
Susan Metcalfe
Frances Grey
DS Kate Beauchamp
Art Malik
DCS Michael Emerson
Maxine Peake
DS Vickie Clarke
Hugo Speer
DI Jack Price
Marc Warren
DCI Joseph Walker
Vincent Regan
DI David Wilby
Marsha Thomason
DS Mel Palmer
Daniel Ryan
DS Terry Hedges
Alun Armstrong
DCI Charlie McIntyre
Jamie Draven
DS Jez Clifton
Kieran O'Brien
Eric Metcalfe
Eamon Boland
Henry McArdle
Harriet Walter
Professor Robb
Jocelyn Barker
Paula Scott
Helen McCrory
Dr. Rachel Price
Beatie Edney
Grace Eccleshall
Russell Tovey
Robbie McManus
Anthony May
Mr. Brown
Sam Troughton
Thomas Stone
Serena Gordon
Alison Reeves
Emily Joyce
Anna Marchent
Jack Stanley
Ben Fairweather
Sasha Behar
Salma Al Fulani
Pip Torrens
DCI Walmsely
Patrick Baladi
Ciarán McMenamin
Daniel Hughes
Paul Copley
Ian Fleet
Edward Woodward
Rev. Stephen Hedges
Clare Holman
Jaine Ellis
David Quilter
Brian Herd
Rufus Jones
TV Reporter
Niall Macgregor
Mark Moore
Michael Maloney
Carl Henderson
Shaun Dingwall
Daniel Jameson
Tom Ellis
Dr. Philip Ryder
Rory Kinnear
Stewart Dean
Terence Budd
Michael Bertenshaw
Gov. William Houseman
Laura Greenwood
Leah Wallace
Howard Crossley
D.C. Freeman
Valerie Lilley
Maureen Fleet
Kika Markham
Emma Giardello
Catherine Russell
Clare Fenton
Rick Bacon
Raymond Trickitt
D.C. Nixon
Andrew Pleavin
PO Darrell Teague
Anton Lesser
Samuel Waite
Ophelia Lovibond
Lucy Waite
Aftab Sachak
Fareed Iqbal
Keira Malik
Isabel Emerson
Aleksandar Mikic
Alexi Pasovic

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