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  • Direktör Alan Rudolph
  • Körtid 1 timme 56 minuter
  • Genres Åtgärd, Komedi, Mysterium, Thriller
  • Språk Eaŋgalsgiella


The best private detective in the biz

Passed over at work and numbed after she witnesses a colleague's murder, security guard Trixie Zurbo takes a relatively easy job at a lakefront casino, working undercover keeping an eye out for pickpockets. Trixie meets an assortment of colorful regulars: Kirk Stans, the casino's lounge act who drinks too much and is a dead-on mimic; Ruby Pearli , a glamorous, young and knowledgeable barfly; and Dex Lang, a raffish ladies' man who pays attention to Trixie in a way that's hard for her to ignore.

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