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  • Direktör Réka Kinsces
  • Körtid 1 timme 31 minuter
  • Genres Komedi, Drama, Familj
  • Språk Duiskkagiella


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Zsuzsi and Sàndor are well-integrated foreigners: successful at work, the children healthy, their own house freshly made. But it does not work in bed anymore. A couple therapy could help. It quickly becomes clear that the happiness of the Barabássy couple is only seemingly perfect. Sàndor's dreams are too big and too materialistic, Zsuzsi's longing too indefinite to be satisfied. Luckily, Zsuzsi's mother in distant Budapest does not know about all this. Zsuzsi and her often talk on the phone - the only opportunity to exchange their native language. That changes when Zsuzsi's old friend Rita turns up unexpectedly with her boyfriend Istvan to shoot a documentary about Hungary abroad. All at once, the home is so close and your own husband so far away.