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  • Genres Drama, Fantasy, Skräck, Science-fiction, Spänning, Thriller
  • Körtid 50 minuter
  • Total körtid 21 timmar 40 minuter
  • Status Avslutat
  • Nätverk GMM One

The Gifted (2018)

244 medlemmar 2 säsonger26 episoder

Ritdha High School, a school with a "Gifted Program" that holds a special class for a handful of "special" students that were chosen by the school administrator. Incredibly, Pang, a 10th-grade student from the lowest ranking class surprisingly passed the Gifted Program placement test for unknown reasons. His entrance to the Gifted Program was filled with much confusion. He and his new friends started to feel that there is something strange about their special class. Eventually, they figured out that the Gifted Program was designed to awaken their "potentials" that pertains to some kind of special powers. As their potentials are discovered, their lives changed as their special powers come with troubles as well. Not long, their special gifts revealed a secret that the school official was trying to hide.