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Episode 1

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Marcella investigates when a body is discovered inside a wall, clothed in a school blazer and surrounded by soft toys. The detective soon works out that the victim is Leo Priestley, who had been abducted a few years beforehand and was a friend of her son Edward.

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S02E02 - Episode 2

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Season 2


Ouah. Ça démarre tambour battant, sur des thèmes bien glauques. Très bel épisode.


Actors (28)

Anna Friel
Marcella Backland
Nicholas Pinnock
Jason Backland
DI Rav Sangha
DI Rav Sangha
DI Rav Sangha
DI Rav Sangha
DI Rav Sangha
DI Rav Sangha
Ray Panthaki
DI Rav Sangha
Sinéad Cusack
Sylvie Gibson
Nina Sosanya
DCI Laura Porter
Tariq Jordan
Mr. Yusef
Jamie Bamber
DI Tim Williamson
Harry Lloyd
Henry Gibson
Ian Puleston-Davies
Peter Cullen
Robert Whitelock
Guy Roberts
Laura Carmichael
Maddy Stevenson
Charlie Covell
DC Alex Dier
Jack Doolan
DC Mark Travis
David Mallet
Phil Maxwell
Maeve Dermody
Grace Gibson
Nick Hendrix
Adrien Cooper
Patrick Baladi
Stephen Holmes
Ben Cura
Matthew Neil
Tobias Santelmann
Yann Hall
Harriet Cains
DI Rav Sangha
Peter Cullen