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Five years ago, Phoenix is accused for the murder of Doug Swallow. Mia defends Phoenix in court, where Payne suggests Phoenix had bad blood with Swallow over his then girlfriend Dahlia Hawthorne and pushed him into a severed electrical cable. Payne then brings in Dahlia to testify about the murder, but Mia deduces that this case is linked to an incident eight months ago, in which a lawyer was poisoned and Dahlia was the prime suspect. Upon learning that this was also the day Phoenix and Dahlia met, Mia suspects that the container used for the poison was a pendant Phoenix received from Dahlia that day. Urged by Mia to give the proper truth, Phoenix reveals that on the day of the murder, Swallow told him that Dahlia had stolen poison both eight months ago and the night before. From this, Mia deduces that Dahlia had originally intended to kill Phoenix to retrieve her pendant by poisoning his cold medicine, finally proving Dahlia's guilt and Phoenix's innocence.

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S02E14 - Hear the Waves of Turnabout


Très bonne adaptation de cet excellent chapitre. Les 45 minutes passent très vite et on a finalement le plaisir d’entendre « Turnabout Sisters » !