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S18E114 - Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!

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Season 18
S18E01 - Alola to New Adventure!
S18E02 - The Guardian's Challenge!
S18E03 - Loading the Dex!
S18E04 - First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style!
S18E05 - Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!
S18E06 - A Shocking Grocery Run!
S18E07 - That's Why Litten Is a Scamp!
S18E08 - Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!
S18E09 - To Top a Totem!
S18E10 - Trial and Tribulation!
S18E11 - Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
S18E12 - The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!
S18E13 - Racing to a Big Event
S18E14 - Getting to Know You!
S18E15 - Rocking Clawmark Hill
S18E16 - They Might Not Be Giants
S18E17 - Crystal-Clear Sleuthing
S18E18 - A Seasoned Search!
S18E19 - A Guardian Rematch
S18E20 - Partner Promises!
S18E21 - One Journey Ends, Another Begins...
S18E22 - A Shivering Shovel Search!
S18E23 - Getting the Band Back Together!
S18E24 - Alolan Open House!
S18E25 - A Team-on-Team Tussle!
S18E26 - So Long, Sophocles!
S18E27 - A Glaring Rivalry!
S18E28 - Pulling out the Pokémon Base Pepper!
S18E29 - Lulled to La-La Land!
S18E30 - The Ol' Raise and Switch!
S18E31 - The Island Whisperer!
S18E32 - Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!
S18E33 - Big Sky, Small Fry!
S18E34 - A Crowning Moment of Truth!
S18E35 - Currying Favor and Flavor!
S18E36 - Trials and Determinations!
S18E37 - Rising from the Ruins!
S18E38 - Mimikyu Unmasked!
S18E39 - Mallow and the Forest Teacher!
S18E40 - Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence!
S18E41 - Mounting an Electrifying Charge!
S18E42 - Alola, Kanto!
S18E43 - When Regions Collide!
S18E44 - A Dream Encounter!
S18E45 - Now You See Them, Now You Don't!
S18E46 - Deceiving Appearances!
S18E47 - A Masked Warning!
S18E48 - Night of a Thousand Poses!
S18E49 - Mission: Total Recall!
S18E50 - Faba's Revenge!
S18E51 - Family Determination!
S18E52 - Revealing the Stuff of Legend!
S18E53 - Rescuing the Unwilling!
S18E54 - 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!
S18E55 - The Professors' New Adventure!
S18E56 - Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!
S18E57 - The Dex Can't Help It!
S18E58 - Fighting Back The Tears!
S18E59 - Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!
S18E60 - Getting a Jump on the Competition!
S18E61 - A Mission of Ultra Urgency!
S18E62 - Acting True to Form!
S18E63 - Pushing the Fiery Envelope!
S18E64 - Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! Touchdown of…
S18E65 - Turning Heads and Training Hard!
S18E66 - Smashing with Sketch!
S18E67 - Love at First Twirl!
S18E68 - Real Life...Inquire Within!
S18E69 - Rise and Shine, Starship!
S18E70 - The Young Flame Strikes Back!
S18E71 - Dewpider Ascending!
S18E72 - Sours for the Sweet!
S18E73 - Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?
S18E74 - Tough Guy Trials!
S18E75 - Some Kind of Laziness!
S18E76 - A Battle Hand-Off!
S18E77 - Guiding an Awakening!
S18E78 - Twirling with a Bang!
S18E79 - Showering the World with Love!
S18E80 - Not Caving Under Pressure!
S18E81 - A Young Royal Flame Ignites!
S18E82 - All They Want to Do is Dance Dance!
S18E83 - Dummy, You Shrunk the Kids!
S18E84 - The Shape of Love to Come!
S18E85 - The Long Vault Home!
S18E86 - I Choose Paradise!
S18E87 - Filling the Light with Darkness!
S18E88 - Full Moon and Many Arms!
S18E89 - The Prism Between Light and Darkness!
S18E90 - Securing the Future!
S18E91 - A Plethora of Pikachu!
S18E92 - Turning the Other Mask!
S18E93 - Lillier and the Staff!
S18E94 - A Haunted House for Everyone!
S18E95 - Sparking Confusion!
S18E96 - Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!
S18E97 - No Stone Unturned!
S18E98 - Bright Lights, Big Changes!
S18E99 - We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!
S18E100 - Battling the Beast Within!
S18E101 - Parallel Friendships!
S18E102 - Alola, Alola!
S18E103 - Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!
S18E104 - That's Some Spicy Island Research!
S18E105 - Showdown on Poni Island!
S18E106 - Evolving Research!
S18E107 - Run, Heroes, Run!
S18E108 - Memories in the Mist!
S18E109 - A Grand Debut!
S18E110 - Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!
S18E111 - Show Me the Metal!
S18E112 - Got Meltan?
S18E113 - This Magik Moment!
S18E114 - Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!
S18E115 - The Dealer of Destruction!
S18E116 - The Secret Princess!
S18E117 - Drawn with the Wind!
S18E118 - Aiming for the Top Floor!
S18E119 - A High-Speed Awakening!
S18E120 - Suiren Fishes a Kyogre!?
S18E121 - Mao's Valiant Effort! The Forest Pokémon Café!!
S18E122 - You're Being Watched! Rocket-dan's Alola Forms!!
S18E123 - Master the Z-Move! Kaki's Fierce Boot Camp!!
S18E124 - Perfect Sharpness! Kamiturugi has Arrived!!
S18E125 - Satoshi, Encounter Beyond Time!
S18E126 - Pikachu's Exciting Expedition!
S18E127 - Gladion & Lillie! Chasing A Father's Phantom!!
S18E128 - The Curtain Rises! Alola Pokémon League!!
S18E129 - The Great Fray! Battle Royal 151!!
S18E130 - Mao and Suiren! Super Full-Force Friendship…
S18E131 - Musashi VS Kojirō! Battlefield of Truth and…
S18E132 - Overcome Junaiper!
S18E133 - Bird Battle! Brave Bird VS God Bird!!
S18E134 - Everyone's Fully Powered! The Road to the…
S18E135 - The Semifinals! Kaki VS Glazio!!
S18E136 - Rising Fire! There's More Than One Rival!!