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Episode 3296 (Mon 28th Oct 2002)

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As Gloria prepares for her first visit to the Town Hall as a prospective candidate, Eric can’t help but think he is being forced to play second fiddle. He quickly notes the gathered press and wonders how they knew he would be there. Gloria, as smooth as ever, turns the press to her advantage and does a deal for a positive magazine article. She doesn’t realise, however, that the press always like two sides to every story. As she busies herself with the job in hand, the reporter gleans some damaging information about Gloria – from an over enthusiastic Betty armed with a megaphone.

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S31E211 - Episode 3297 (Tue 29th Oct 2002)

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Lucy Pargeter
Chas Dingle
Mark Charnock
Marlon Dingle
Steve Halliwell
Zak Dingle
Kelvin Fletcher
Andy Sugden
Charley Webb
Debbie Dingle
Christopher Chittell
Eric Pollard
Charlotte Bellamy
Laurel Thomas
John Middleton
Ashley Thomas
Jeff Hordley
Cain Dingle
Jane Cox
Lisa Dingle
Sammy Winward
Katie Sugden
Emma Atkins
Charity Dingle
Deena Payne
Viv Hope
Dominic Brunt
Paddy Kirk
Shirley Stelfox
Edna Birch
James Baxter
Jake Doland
Billy Hartman
Terry Woods
Richard Thorp
Alan Turner
Lesley Dunlop
Brenda Walker
Tony Audenshaw
Bob Hope
Nicola Wheeler
Nicola King
Verity Rushworth
Donna Windsor-Dingle
Samantha Giles
Bernice Thomas
Patsy Kensit
Sadie King
Kim Thomson
Ciarán Griffiths
Lisa Riley
Mandy Dingle
Ray Ashcroft
Sophia Moore
Sarah Sugden
Roxy Shahidi
Leyla Harding
Georgia Slowe
Perdita Hyde-Sinclair
Adam Thomas
Adam Barton
Daniel Pearson
Luke Salter
Jessica Haywood
Victoria Sugden
James Hooton
Sam Dingle
Zoë Henry
Rhona Goskirk
Michelle Hardwick
Vanessa Woodfield
Isobel Steele
Liv Flaherty
Maxwell Caulfield
Mark Wylde
Duncan Preston
Doug Potts
Fiona Wade
Priya Kotecha
Oscar Lloyd
Will Wylde
Pauline Quirke
Chris Bisson
Jai Sharma
Freddie Jones
Sandy Thomas
Jenna Coleman
Jasmine Thomas
John Bowe
Lawrence White
Sian Reeves
Sally Spode
Peter Martin
Len Reynolds
Gaynor Faye
Megan Macey
Meg Johnson
Pearl Ladderbanks
Matt Healy
Matthew King
Linda Thorson
Rosemary King
Leah Bracknell
Zoe Tate
Ursula Holden-Gill
Alice Dingle
Luke Tittensor
Daz Eden
Charlie Kemp
Max King
Julia Mallam
Dawn Woods
David Crellin
Billy Hopwood
Lorraine Chase
Sheree Murphy
Tricia Dingle
Andrew Whipp
Callum Rennie
Freya Copeland
Angie Reynolds
Peter Amory
Chris Tate
Karl Davies
Robert Sugden
Bill Ward
James Barton

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