Ładowanie w toku
  • Dyrektor Dan Wang
  • Gatunki Przygoda, Romans, Komedia, Przestępczość
  • Język Chiński


1 członek

Meng Da Wei (played by Wang Xun) always wanted to be a writer. However, it was not until he actually embarked on this path that Meng Da Wei discovered how difficult it was. At the same time as the career encountered a bottleneck period, the relationship between Meng Da Wei and his wife Yang Xiaonan (played by Yu Shasha) also dropped to a freezing point. Not only that, Meng Da Wei was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly. The discouraged Meng Da Wei decided to buy himself a life insurance, and the beneficiary filled in his wife's name. After that, he embarked on a suicide trip to Thailand. However, Meng Da Wei's suicide plan was very unsuccessful. After repeated failures, Meng Da Wei found the killer Bran (Jin Shengzhu) and gave him the responsibility of killing his life. Who knows that Bran looks cruel and cruel, but in fact he is a rookie who is ignorant, not only did he not die, Meng Da Wei was also involved in a mysterious conspiracy.