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When Donald Duck decides to join the Navy, he leaves his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, in the care of his cantankerous Uncle Scrooge. He is an eccentric and miserly billionare who loves to literally swim in his money that is held in his corporate headquarters/vault known as the Money Bin. While the initial meeting was less than pleasant, events soon have them, along with a newly hired nanny, her daughter and Scrooge's stupid but skilled pilot, on countless adventures as the group goes around the world looking for treasure, or defending Scrooge's current assets from enemies like the Beagle Boys or Magica De Spell.



Aktorzy (60)

Alan Young
Scrooge McDuck (voice)
Russi Taylor
Huey Duck / Dewey Duck / Louie Duck (voice)
Terence McGovern
Launchpad McQuack (voice)
Chuck McCann
Duckworth / Burger Beagle / Bouncer Beagle (voice)
Frank Welker
Bigtime Beagle / Baggy Beagle / Bubba the Caveduck (voice)
Hal Smith
Gyro Gearloose / Flintheart Glomgold (voice)
Joan Gerber
Mrs. Bentina Beakley (voice)
Brian Cummings
Doofus Drake (voice)
June Foray
Ma Beagle / Magica De Spell / Mrs. Featherby (voice)
Tony Anselmo
Donald Duck (voice)
Hamilton Camp
Fenton Crackshell (voice)
Kathleen Freeman
Mrs. Crackshell (voice)
Peter Cullen
Admiral Grimitz (voice) / Admiral Grimitz / Khufu / Guard (voice) / Admiral Grimitz / King Blowhard (voice) / Bankjob Beagle (voice) / Bankjob Beagle / Police officers (voice) / Duke Duggan (voice) / Firefighter (voice) / J. Gander Hoover (voice) / Jack t
Will Ryan
Captain Blackheart (voice) / Captain Pietro (voice) / Dangerous Dan (voice) / Dogface Pete (voice) / Roman Knight (voice) / Sharkey (voice) / The Micro Ducks (voice) / Weasels (voice)
Jim Cummings
Auctioner (voice) / El Capitan (voice) / Quackymodo (voice)
Tress MacNeille
Circe / Queen Ariel / Yuckalinda (voice) / Feathers Galore / Female Operator (voice) / Griselda / Swanwhite (voice) / Mrs. Featherby (voice)
Howard Morris
Djinni / Archeologist (voice) / Dr. Von Swine / Happy Jack / Dr. Von Swine (voice)
Pat Musick
Bully Beagle (voice) / Umpire (voice)
Patricia Parris
Lucky the Lemming (voice) / Skittles (voice)
Arte Johnson
Count Ray (voice) / Dr. Ludwig von Strangeduck (voice)
Corey Burton
Ludwig Von Drake (voice) / Phil Barker (voice)
Rob Paulsen
Gladstone Gander (voice)
Gino Conforti
Benzino Gasolini (voice)
Pat Fraley
Sir Guy Standforth (voice) / Young Scrooge McDuck (voice)
Richard Erdman
King Arty (voice) / Mayor Rufus B. Pinfeathers (voice)
René Auberjonois
Dr. Nogood (voice)
Phil Hartman
Captain Frye (voice)
Aron Kincaid
Fritter O'Way (voice)
Billy Barty
King Brian (voice)
Jack DeLeon
Major Courage (voice)
Maurice LaMarche
Count Roy (voice)
Charlie Adler
Filler Brushbill / Pluck (voice)
Victoria Caroll
Witch 1 / Witch 2 / Witch 3 (voice)
Haunani Minn
Cinnamon Teal (voice)
Robert Ridgely
Ripcord McQuack (voice)
B.J. Ward
Burnie McQuack / Loopie McQuack (voice)
Avery Schreiber
Robot Guard (voice)
Linda Gary
Queen of England (voice)
Clive Revill
Shedlock Jones (voice)
Jack Angel
Archibald Quackerbill (voice)
Susan Blu
M'Lady (voice)
Richard Gautier
Boll Weevil (voice)
Michael Bell
Talking Onion (voice)
George DiCenzo
Brigadier Broccoli (voice)
Steve Susskind
Sergeant Squash (voice)
Don Messick
Scrooge's Father (voice)
Peter Renaday
Catfish McDuck (voice)
Michael Rye
Unnamed Frontier Beagle Boy (voice)
Marilyn Lightstone
Priestess of Garbabble (voice)
Larry Moss
Sarkus (voice)
Jim MacGeorge
Genghis Khan (voice) (as Jim McGeorge)
Nicholas Omana
Sundowner (voice)
Barry Dennen
Moorloon the Wizard / Vacation Van Honk (voice)
Mark L. Taylor
Ensign Plummer (voice)
Brock Peters
Druid (voice)
Roger C. Carmel
Sultan / Emir of Somnambula (voice)
Alan Oppenheimer
Colonel Beauregard DuBark (voice)
William Callaway
Thor (voice)
Kenneth Mars
Auric (voice)
Ed Gilbert
Warden (voice)

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