Ładowanie w toku
  • Kraj Tajwan
  • Gatunki Dramat, Romans
  • Runtime 60 minuty
  • Całkowity czas pracy 21 godzin
  • Status Zakończono
  • Sieć GTV


155 członkowie 1 sezon21 epizody

Chen Ling and Chen Sheng (both by Vic Chou) are twin brothers born out of wedlock, by a father who is their mother's brother-in-law, and has died in a racing incident. Their one childhood memory of their mother is that of a medicated cold bedbound woman, whose only words were that "in this world Sheng is the only one Ling can rely on and Ling is the only one Sheng can rely on".[1]

One day Ling meets Qi Luo, an introvert and a gentle girl, in a park where he asks her for directions. She draws the directions for Ling on the back of one of her stetches of a mother and child. Ling seeing her quietly drawing on a park bench reminds him of Sheng and becomes attracted to her. When Ling saves Qi Luo from being sexually harassed by their English teacher, she starts to open up to him. In exchange for the finished painting of 'Mother and Child', Ling promises to protect her.



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