Ładowanie w toku
  • Gatunki Animacja, Dzieci, Fantasy
  • Runtime 13 minuty
  • Całkowity czas pracy 26 minut
  • Status Kontynuując
  • Sieć Disney Channel (FR)

Tara Duncan: The animated series (2021)

Tara Duncan : Les Sortceliers (2021)
200 członkowie 1 sezon2 epizody

Tara has been raised like an ordinary earthling girl. But now that her too forceful magic has awakened, she has to go to OtherWorld to tame her power, and help her aunt, the Empress, to protect the Empire against evil forces.

The evil Magister, master of the fierce Bloodgraves, is seeking after Tara to steal her magic, become the most powerful spellbinder ever ; and conquer not only OtherWorld, but the Earth as well!

On her quest to defeat Magister, Tara is joined by her grand-father, Lord Mani Duncan (who turned himself into a dog); her mentor, the blue dragon Master Chem, and three OtherWorldians, who will share her adventures and become her loyal friends.

THEIR MOTTO IS: May your Magic protect the World !