• Network ABC (US)
  • Genre Animation
  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Total runtime 10 hours 30 minutes
  • Status Ended

Thundarr the Barbarian

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Thundarr the Barbarian was a half-hour Saturday morning cartoon show. The show takes place 2,000 years after the Earth was nearly destroyed by a runaway planet. The Earth is now populated by mutant monsters and is ruled by the 7 Citadels of Sorcery, a group of evil sorcerors who use a combination of magic and highly advanced technology to rule over the hapless populace. The stories revolve around the trio of Thundarr, Ariel and Ookla, as they make their way through this world, defeating evil wherever they may find it, their motivation being that they themselves recently escaped the clutches of the vile sorcerer Sabien, Ariel's evil stepfather. This world of the future is littered with half-destroyed 20th century relics, and many of the episodes take place in recognizable locales such as New York City or Mount Rushmore that have been changed in violent ways. Much of the show's humor revolves around the characters' relative lack of knowledge of our time period.





En France, la série a été diffusée à partir du 21 septembre 1983 sur TF1 dans l'émission Vitamine. Son titre Francais est Arok le barbare... Dans la lignée de The mightor et Samson et goliath...



(Season 1)
20 July 2012

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