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  • Genres Comédie, Romance
  • Durée d’un épisode 46 minutes
  • Durée totale 46 minutes
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Be My Favorite

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Botkawee has was forever been in love with Prae Mai. When he was learns about her engagement with Piseang; he will uses a crystal ball to travel back in time, to set things right with her. Unexpectedly, he wakes up in bed with Piseang instead, who declares that they had a one night stand. Thus, begin their hilarious cat and mouse games, wherein Piseang chases after Botkawee. Although the affections are returned, their old feelings for Prae Mai becomes a detriment to their blossoming romance. Enraged, Botkawee keeps twisting the crystal ball until he gets the desired results. But what if, Botkawee and Prae Mai were now never meant to be together? What if, he was destined to be with Piseang instead?

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(Saison 1)
13 May 2023