• Network ABC (US)
  • Genres Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Total runtime 45 hours 25 minutes
  • Status Ended


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Based on the movie, created by Tim Burton, this series is focused on Beetlejuice and Lydia teamed up to carry on multiple exciting adventures. Beetlejuice is a liar who cheats at everything. The deceased maniacal and energetic transformer always goes around having fun, breaking every rule and law. Lydia Deetz is a social outcast and a goth. Always dressed in black, she loves horror movies, and is Beetlejuice's best friend. She is calm and level-headed.




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La série est désormais disponible en DVD ! Voir ici : http://tvshowsondvd.com/shows/Beetlejuice/5032


J'attends depuis une quinzaine d'année la sortie de cette série en DVD... Je ne peux que vous la conseiller si vous trouvez où la voir...


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Beetlejuice - Générique 3
17 September 2010
Beetlejuice - Générique 2
5 June 2010
Beeltejuice - Générique 1
2 March 2006

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