• Genres Animation, Science-Fiction
  • Runtime 9 minutes
  • Total runtime 54 minutes
  • Status Ended

Dead Space

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In the distant future, humanity has colonized worlds beyond Earth's solar system. Two-hundred years prior, a man named Michael Altman discovered an artifact of unknown origin (known as "the marker") which led him to begin a new religion - Unitology - that supposedly taught the truth about human existence. Altman was later killed, allegedly by the government, in an attempt to silence the truth - however, the veracity of this account has yet to be confirmed. In present time, a new marker has been discovered on another colony and strange things have been happening amongst the colonists.




Videos (2)

Issue Two
(Season 1 Episode 2)
28 May 2008
Issue One
(Season 1 Episode 1)
18 April 2008