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  • Pays États-Unis
  • Genre Comédie
  • Durée d’un épisode 70 minutes
  • Durée totale 70 heures
  • Statut Terminée
  • Chaîne ABC (US)


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Fridays was a sketch comedy TV show that aired on ABC 1980-1982 with a talented cast of performers including later-to-be-big stars Michael Richards (Seinfeld) and Larry David (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm). Known for it's edgy performances and subject matter, Fridays featured various musical groups and guest hosts. One host was Andy Kaufman, whose escapades on Fridays were documented in the movie Man on the Moon (with Norm MacDonald as Michael Richards) Compared both favourably and unfavourably to Saturday Night Live, Fridays was certainly the more adult-oriented of the two, dealing more fiercely and directly with sex, drugs and politics.
Then again, one of the favourite characters was young Battle Boy (Richards) who plays with his army tanks in his backyard and occasionally bites the heads of his sister's dolls.