• Network TV Asahi
  • Genres Animation, Drama, Science-Fiction
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Total runtime 10 hours
  • Status Ended

The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou

311 members1 season24 episodes

Albert was a boy who had been born to a noble family in Paris. He made a journey to the moon with Franz to escape from their tedious lives. On the moon, he met a millionaire calling himself the Count of Monte Cristo. The Count lived a life of splendour in a rich hotel, with beautiful women waiting on him and strong men guarding him. Albert was fascinated by this Count who seemed to know everything, and the two became friends. Albert eventually invited the Count to visit him in Paris. The Count`s past slowly resurfaces, to the greatest displeasure of everybody involved.




Comments (2)

Une adaptation très particulière. Ne vous laissez pas arrêter par le graphisme surprenant de cette série. Le scénario est d'enfer et c'est un véritable plaisir à chaque nouvel épisode!!


Une adaptation excellente qui respecte absolument le roman, magnifique sur le plan graphique. A voir de toute urgence !


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