• Network ABC (US)
  • Genres Action, Crime, Drama
  • Runtime 60 minutes
  • Total runtime 23 hours
  • Status Ended


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Welcome to the Longstreet guide at TV Tome. Mike Longstreet was a New Orleans insurance company investigator. While on a case he had the double misfortune of having his wife killed and his eyesight destroyed by people determined that he not solve the case. Despite his injury, Mike refused to quit the business and with the help of his canine guide dog Pax to help him get around he felt confident of his abilities to solve cases. His girl Friday, Nikki was his biggest booster and his friend Duke Paige worked with him on many cases. Bruce Lee appeared throughout the series as Longstreet's self-defense instructor.





comme l'indique la banniere, Bruce Lee etait apparu dans quatre épisodes en tant que marchand d'antiquités, Li Tsung, et expert en Jeet Kune Do , qui deviendra l'instructeur d'arts martiaux de Longstreet. Longstreet était accompagné de son berger allemand blanc appelé Pax. une tres bonne serie assez méconnue... j'ai ajouté une video ou l'on peut voir Bruce Lee entrainer Longstreet...



Bruce Lee, Longstreet training
18 December 2012