• Network HBO
  • Genres Children, Family
  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Total runtime 563 hours
  • Status Continuing

Sesame Street

26 members47 seasons1126 episodes

Sesame Street is an iconic American educational children’s television series that has been a favorite of children and adults alike since its debut in 1969. It combines live action, animation and puppetry into a fun program that teaches children numbers, colors and the alphabet. The series is best known for its use of Jim Henson’s Muppets; Big Bird leads a cast that includes popular characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Grover and Bert and Ernie.




Actors (39)

Fran Brill
Betty Lou, Zoe, Countess Dahling Von Dahling, Norah Nicks, Polly
Carroll Spinney
Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Bruno
Jeff Moss
Big Jeffy, The Lavender Alphabeats, and many others...
Bob McGrath
Michael Earl Davis
Bushman Bill, Barkley the Dog, Captain Breakfast, and many other
Jerry Nelson
Count Von Count, Biff, Mumford, Mr. Johnson, Sherlock Hemlock, H
Matt Vogel
Count Von Count, Harry Monster, Mr. Johnson, Biff, Mumford, and
Norman Calloway
Richard Hunt
Don Music, Two-Headed Monster (Right side), Sonny Friendly (1986
Kevin Clash
Elmo, Hoots the Owl, Baby Natasha, Kingston Livingston the Third
Gabriel Velez
Alison Bartlett
Roscoe Orman
Hal Miller
Matt Robinson
Eric Jacobson
Grover, Bert, Cookie Monster, and other characters.....
Frank Oz
Grover, Bert, Cookie Monster, Lefty, Professor Hastings, Harvey
Gedde Wantanabe
Christopher Cerf
How Now Brown Cow, Chrissy, Bruce Stringbean, Mick Swagger, and
Gabenario Marshia
Jim Henson
Kermit the Frog, Ernie, Guy Smiley, Sinister Sam, Zizzy Zoomers,
Steve Whitmire
Kermit the Frog, Ernie, J.P. Mouse, Nelson the mountie, and many
Gene Wilder
Linda Bove
Emilio Delgardo
Sonia Manzano
Dave Goelz
Mr. Between, The Elephant Elevator Operator, A monster dirty fac
David Langton Smyrl
Mr. Handford
Leonard Jackson
Mr. Handford
Will Lee
Mr. Hooper
Joseph Mazzarino
Murray, Ingrid, Colambo the Sheep, Joey the Monkey, and many oth
Salvion Glover
David Rudman
Sonny Friendly, Velma Blank, David the Monkey, Baby Bear, Humphr
Zero Mostel
Spell Binder
Loretta Long
Jim Thurman
Teeny Little Super Guy
Martin P. Robinson
Telly Monster, Snuffy, Vincent Twice, Tito Mouse, Dicky Tick, Sh
Joan Rivers
The Adventures of Letterman Narrator
Bill McCutcheon
Uncle Wally

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